Alex of The Drawing Room photographing a wedding at Airth Castle in Scotland
Ingrid of The Drawing Room hiding amidst the shadows in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona while photographing a wedding in Spain

Hello and welcome to The Drawing Room! We are Alex & Ingrid - two photographers and cat lovers. We are based in Glasgow, Scotland, but have roots in the north of Spain and in north west England and we love the chance to travel the world for a good story.

We both come from a background in music and the arts and as well as weddings we also photograph all kinds of gigs, festivals and events, but after a couple of years we thought it time to create a home for our work together, and so The Drawing Room was born! 

Our photography focuses on natural, unobtrusive documentation and storytelling, capturing events as they unfold, but always with a dash of creativity and a unique perspective.

We like being part of a story and telling that story with our photographs; we like capturing intimacy, emotion and people being them true selves together; we like to travel, visit new places and explore; we like looking for light, lines and colours; we like experimenting, getting creative and trying to see things in a different way. We also like cats!